Friday, May 16, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 4 & 5 - The Cliff Notes Version

I am participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry's 4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  One week of using flat diapers and covers, with no washer or dryer.

Okay so I am a blogging slacker.  Truth is that I have been feeling sick for days and am exhausted most nights when I get my boys to bed.  But the challenge still goes on.  We are doing good with flats and I am still in love.  I am actually thinking of dying my flats, but that is for another post.

Day 3 of the challenge us bloggers are supposed to talk about our washing routine.  My routine is very simple.  First I take my dirty flats (which I am storing in a plastic Target bag - classy) and put them into my Wonder Washer.  I fill the wonder washer about 2/3 the way full or enough to cover the flats with VERY hot water, put the lid on, and crank the wonder washer handle for about 10 minutes.

Next I connect the drain hose and drain the washer.  Then I refill the washer with more hot water and 1tsp of Rockn' Green.  Put on the lid and agitate another 10 minutes or so.  Yes, my arms are killing me by now.

After the diapers have been "washed" I drain the machine again, but instead of rinsing them in the machine, I decided on Day 1 to take the diapers in the shower with me to rinse.  So before soaping up myself, I take the diapers one by one out of the washer and rinse and wring them in the shower.  They are placed in a big sauce pan after being wrung out and then hung on the back of my chairs in the dining room.  Total the washing took about 40 minutes and the diapers dry overnight.  Not bad.  Of course every year that I do this it rains the entire week.

Day 4 asked us about our favorite folds.  Well honestly I have only been using one fold.  The pad fold.  How lazy can you get right?  There is something so very easy about a pad folded flat pre-loaded into a cover.  Goes on with the east of an AIO.  Now my little guy's poop is pretty formed and ploppable. If that wasn't the case I would most likely have fallen in love with a snappi or pinned fold.  I think once things calm down here and I am not sick anymore I will move onto other folds.

More pictures to come!  My kids hid my camera cord.  Sigh.

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