Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2014 - Almost There!

The 4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge starts Monday and I am ready.  I just finished prepping my stash and I am excited to get started.  

For the challenge I will be using 6 covers:

3 - Flip covers
3 - econobum seconds covers
1 - completely felted SBISH Underwoolie to use at night 

I have 12 Fleece liners (boring but wanted to note I was using them).  They are mostly for nights since my guy is sensitive.

And the main star of the Challenge is the FLATS!!!!! I will be using 12 - GMD flats, 6 Stashify bamboo flats, and 8 Flip daytime flats. 

And the boy wearing it all!!!! (In this pic we are testing out a GMD flat pad folded in a flip cover) 

What are you using for the challenge?



  1. Yay! My stash - 6 receiving blankets, 8 FST, 6 Osocozy Unbleached Birdseye Flats, 4 Ikea Cloths, 4 t shirt flats, and if they arrive on time 6 Imagine Bamboo Flats. All wool covers, I use shorties and longies as his outfit bottoms as well as diaper cover, I have a lot but will use 8 for the challenge and maybe a flip or kissa cover for DH and grandmas. :-)

    *Challenge starts Sunday, not Monday ;-)

  2. Hi Ginamarie! Thanks for dropping by. Your stash sounds great for the challenge. I hope that it is going well for you. Come on back and let me know how you did? Are you blogging?