Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 2 of Whole30 and I miss SUGAR.

I never realized how addicted to sugar I really am.  Crazy actually.  I always thought of myself as a healthy eater, but I am a true carb fan.  I like bread, bagels, desserts.  Day 2 of 30 and I am already feeling the sugar monster getting angry.  I have been grumpy and head-achy.  It probably doesn't help that I am still breastfeeding Thing 3 so my caloric requirement is higher than most.  I am also a runner who runs almost daily.  I have been filling in the gaps with some (gasp!) snacks because I tend not to be able to eat large meals.  I have been sticking to the plan though.  An example of my days so far:

Pre-work out - handful of almonds and a banana
Black coffee (ack)
Post work out/Breakfast- BLT Egg Salad (NOTE: I didn't omit the bacon as I was able to get nitrate and bad stuff free bacon)
PM - Pecans, bananas, coconut mix
Dinner - Squash sauteed with ghee, salt, and pepper and a large salad with olives, grilled chicken, and strawberries.  Homemade vinegar dressing.

Not bad.

Hopefully I can keep up the momentum.

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