Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 3 - Dear Microfiber, We are NEVER getting back together.

I am participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry's 4th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  One week of using flat diapers and covers, with no washer or dryer.

Today is day 3 of the challenge and we are falling into a groove.  I have been good about keeping up with the diapers at night and trying not to let them pile up.  My little guy has also been good about not pooping so much.  Love that boy. 

Since this is an open topic day for blogging I have decided that I will write about how I am breaking up with my microfiber diaper inserts.  

Dear Microfiber,

You are a nifty made-man fiber.  You absorb pretty good, unless my son is in a baby carrier and then you might make my shirt damp.  You are easy to wash, until you aren't.  You take forever to dry.  You feel like crawling spiders on my hands.  Even though I have dealt with you over the course of cloth diapering 3 children, I must have diaper amnesia.  Each and EVERY time I have a newborn I start out with you in my diapers.  You stuff my pockets, you line my A12s, and you are all over my house.  Lately though you have started to stink.  No matter how many times I wash you, when I take you off my little one's tush you smell like a barnyard.  So in closing dear microfiber we are done.  I am breaking up with you and moving forward with my new love, flats.

Yours Truly,


Okay that was overly dramatic, but so true.  I really do think I am going to trash my microfiber (or use them as dusting cloths) and use flats to stuff pockets.  Or even better I might start using flats full time.  The ease of use can't be beat and in a pinch I know I can wash flats in my bathroom and hang them to dry in my dining room and they would be ready to go the next day for my guy.

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