Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Surviving Teething

Brady has been a beast lately.  If teething was a sport, he would be a gold medalist.  After getting his two bottom teeth just shy of 4 months, the kid has gotten 4 more teeth and they always come in pairs days apart.  Life has not been fun.  He is grumpy and not sleeping well.  I have tried everything on the market and some things work better than others.  Here is my list of go-to teething helpers.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil - This is stuff is awesome.  It is a mixture of essential oils of chamomile, clove and peppermint.  I put some on a q-tip and rub onto Brady's gums and it seems to help quite a bit.  Smells lovely too!

Amber Teething Necklaces/Bracelets - Some folks swear by these (like me) and others think they are worthless. I have found by using them on 2 out of my 3 boys that they do help.  I have noted a reduction in drooling and daytime fussiness when Brady has his necklace on.  Some folks don't mind having their babies wearing necklaces while they sleep, I am not comfortable with it.  Brady wears an amber bracelet at night under his PJs.  You could also take a necklace and wrap it around a wrist or ankle, but keep in mind it works better the closer it is to the head.  Lightly colored raw amber has more painkilling properties than the polished and darker amber, but they are all amazing.  I even wear an amber necklace myself to help with my upper back/neck pain.  Helps a ton.

Teething Rings - Honestly I have never experienced these being super helpful.  Yes, my kids chew on them and yes I have about 203902390239 of them laying around my house but babies will chew on anything!  My favorite teething rings are the Life Factory Silicone teethers and the Heava Panda Teether.  I see these as safer options for Brady to chew on, other than the Matchbox cars scattered around my house.

When all else fails, and sometimes, like the past 2 weeks when Brady has gotten 4 teeth pretty much at once I have had to resort to using my more natural means as well as giving Tylenol or Advil (never together).  The pain of teething can be a real pain in the butt for both baby and you when your kid isn't sleeping.  I reserve the use of actual medications for nighttime when he is completely miserable and we need sleep.

Wishing you easy teething and that your kid is nothing like Brady and gets teeth at a more manageable pace.  Geeze. Everything I have listed here can be bought at Dearest Diapers from the link below.

Happy Teething!

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