Thursday, January 23, 2014

I have a LOVE - HATE Relationship with Snow Days

Yesterday was a snow day here in NJ.  Lovely yes.  And no.  I have 3 little boys and live in a tiny apartment.  Nothing good can come from being cooped up all day in this place.  I did try to look at the positives.  No dragging my whiny 6 year old out into the cold.  Getting everyone dressed, ready, fed, lunch made.  I was able to walk in the sub zero temps to get a cup of coffee which I was able to drink while it was hot while I nursed the baby on the couch.  My zen attitude was gone by noon after fights, screaming, tantrums, hearing "I NEEEEEEED THAT!" yelled over and over again by the 2 talking monsters in my group.  The baby's naps were interrupted a few times by kids being too loud and not remembering their "inside voices".  Meals were made, dishes were washed, games were played.  I prayed for bedtime.  Bedtime came, more tears.  Finally the house was quiet. 

Looking back on yesterday it seems tame compared to today which was NOT a snow day.  Up at 7, kids fed and dressed.  Rushing the 2 older monsters out the door to get to school and Occupational therapy on time.  Traffic was horrendous.  Parking scarce.  Dragged kids crying because of the cold up to the school.  Left on there, took the littler one to therapy.  A normally 15 minute drive took 55 minutes.  (it was ONE TOWN OVER GAH!)

So until the next snow day.......

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